Feb 26, 2015

Another Snow Day

Last night we got hit with a couple more inches of snow, so the county cancelled school again this morning. (Which the kids loved.)

Here we are with another beautiful view - and another snow day at home!

The snow was melting fast, so Connor and I didn't have time to get all bundled up and make it worth it. But, the big kids made their own little snowman and affectionately named him Olaf. Go figure.

Connor loved that, of course. Olaf is his favorite, and now he has his very own! (For a little while, anyway.)

You know, some moms cringe whenever they hear the county cancel school and they have multiple kids at home bugging them all day. But, I happen to love snow days. We have nowhere to go, nothing to do. And we can just have fun!

I make beds, load the dishes and the laundry in the morning. We have cinnamon or orange rolls for breakfast, we go out and play in the snow. Warm baths and hot chocolate follow. With a movie and popcorn over lunch. Then, quiet reading time and a family game of Uno. Or, maybe a puzzle sprawled out to work on together. To me, it's the perfect day to just be and spend that precious time together. Because I know these snow days are numbered, and I won't always have a full house to cuddle up to and enjoy. So, in my mind - the more snow days, the better!

Feb 21, 2015

Snow Apocalypse // 2015

This week we've had the craziest weather I've ever seen in the 10 years that I've lived here. There's been ice and snow and more snow and ice all week long - so much that everyone's calling it the big Snow Apocalypse here in Nashville.

The airport closed flights on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and some on Friday, so it was literally a miracle we were able to get our boy back at the airport on Thursday night. I don't think we've ever been happier or more grateful to see Jake safe and sound. Can you tell?

School was out the whole week, Scot's company closed down for several days, and our driveway was nondrivable for most of the week. At least we had this beautiful view to enjoy:

Jake hated that he missed out on all our sledding fun earlier in the week, so on Friday, he woke up early to layer up and go sledding at 8am.

He was having a blast, so he called his friend Michael to come over and play too. Meanwhile, I was taking pics in my pajamas and mulling over the idea of getting Brooklyn and Connor all bundled up to go out and play, while I sipped and finished my chai.

Well, that never happened. This was the last picture I took before the big accident.

Michael slid down our hill and somehow plowed right into our playset in the backyard. The piercing screams and hyperventilating said it all. His arm was broken. He was in shock and could barely move. Between Jake and me - in my pajamas - we helped him into the house, sat him down as gently as we could and called his dad. Thank goodness his dad was off work that day, so he came right over. (His mom Kim rushed over from work too.) Walter's an EMT, so he knew exactly what to do - he cut his winter coat and shirts right off, made a make-shift sling, told him it would hurt like heck and helped him into the car to rush him to the ER.

This was the X-ray his mom Kim sent me:

Scary! Cannot believe how bad a break it really was.

Michael was in the hospital most of the day - getting tests done, having his arm set, getting a cast...Once they got home, Jake and I went to the store and got Michael a few of his favorite things - cheese pizza, sweet tea, strawberry ice cream, 3 Musketeers...we figured the least we could do was cheer him up with food, and it definitely seemed to work. That and Jake telling him that he'd be his personal book-carrier at school for a couple months. What kid wouldn't want that?

Definitely a memorable snowy week we won't forget. So thankful both boys are home and all okay!

Feb 17, 2015

Snow Days

We got hit with a nasty ice storm here on Sunday night, so the whole town has been shut down the past two days - and there may be more snow to come. It's been sleeting like crazy with temps below freezing. The mayor declared a state of emergency for TN early Monday since thousands of people were home without power and the roads were covered in sheets of solid ice. Schools and a lot of businesses have been closed - Scot's company even cancelled work yesterday, today and tomorrow - so, we're all enjoying lots of things close to home.

Things like:

Board games.

Indoor picnics.

Sledding in our neighborhood. Seriously, the most fun ever!

Video games.

Messing around.

Warm baths. Cookies. Plenty of good food to keep warm.

The only bad part? Jake isn't here to experience it with us. His flight was supposed to come in on Monday night, but it got cancelled and then re-cancelled again today. So, we're hoping he'll make it in on Thursday if the roads are clear by then. We sure miss that kid. He would have loved all this ice to play on - but, we're thankful he's safe and sound.

Feb 15, 2015

Valentine's Weekend

Valentine's weekend started off with a bang...a little early this year.

Jake was going to be gone all weekend, so we showered the kids with valentines before school on Thursday. They had a few little surprises to wake up to that morning, and I know they felt loved!

We ate a quick dinner together on Friday night, then everybody gave hugs and kisses before Jake and Scot left for the airport. It was so sweet - Brooklyn started crying because she said she was going to miss Jake so much.

But, then there's real life with siblings too!


Saturday was spent opening valentines, getting things done around the house, watching a family movie and getting plenty of snuggle time. :)

The cousins came over at 4:00, and Scot surprised them by taking all four kiddos to the Paddington movie - popcorn, candy and all. It was the cousins' first time going to the movie theater, and they loved it! (Connor and I stayed home.)

They came home, ate dinner, and got ramped-up for a Wii party.

Sunday was full of church and a date day with my valentine. Thank goodness for Grammy and Papa who were willing to watch the kids. A nice relaxing meal at a restaurant + a funny movie was exactly what we needed! So, so thankful for this guy and our time together.

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