September 30, 2015

This Girl

This girl.

(Trying on her new witch's costume early for Halloween.)

We're hitting such a sweet spot with Brooklyn. A couple months shy of her 8th birthday, she has adjusted to having her own space at home and is a complete joy to have around. I love and appreciate her so much!

She loves to color and create - making all kinds of homemade books and art creations at the desk in her room. She loves to read and excel in school. She loves to tell jokes and laugh. She has the sweetest, kindest, most sensitive heart. She made a homemade "get-well" card with chocolate candy for her sick teacher. She invited a lonely girl to play with her on the playground. She gave one of her fans to a friend at church. She sent a "sorry for your loss" card to Jake's friend who lost his dog. She hugs and loves on her brothers fiercely. Even giving extreme patience to Connor when he shoves her and interrupts her when she's talking and yells at her in her face. (Still working on that one...) Writing "I-love-you-do-you-love-me" notes to Jake and leaving them on the kitchen counter. Giving dad backrubs after dinner. Helping out whenever she's needed, telling me I'm the "best mom ever" even when it's not deserved.

She is so loving, so caring, so kind. I'm really grateful God gave me a special daughter like her.

September 29, 2015

Ram Run

The kids annual Ram Run fundraiser was held at school last Friday. It was a crazy morning since our van was in the shop (getting a coolant leak repaired and a new fuse box), so we all piled into Scot's car at 6:45am to drop the kids off at school, take Scot to work and come back to school when it was time for Ram Run to start.

First, we watched Brooklyn and the whole 2nd grade run in their morning time slot:

Two laps in (right after this picture) and she was in tears from a bee sting (thankfully, just a sweat bee). We went to the nurse to get an ice pack and witnessed a poor kid barfing on the floor next to us before we finally made it back. Just in time for snack time at the concession stand too! :)

Next, we checked out Jake and the 8th grade class playing kick ball in a huge 4-hour kick ball tournament. (My phone died at this point, so this is all I got.)

All the 8th graders were covered head to toe in red dust from playing on the baseball fields - even Jake's glasses. Can't believe this was their last Ram Run ever.

So glad these kids had an awesome day raising some money and having fun with friends. It was a memorable and fun day like always!

September 24, 2015

See You at the Pole

Yesterday was See You at the Pole day. The kids met at their school at 7am to pray for their school, their city, local + national government, the homeless, the sick, the hurting, people who don't know Christ. We sang a couple of worship songs, with the help of teachers, parents and staff. And Jacob prayed over the whole group that was there at the school. (Words can't even describe what a proud-mom moment that was.)

It was an incredible honor and humbling experience to watch all these kids in action. Right on our daily mission field - the kids' public school.

This is where our hearts are. Each and every day.

God was there with us by the flagpole that morning. And I know He's doing a mighty work right in our own school and city. Right in our own homes. Right in our own hearts. Thank you, Jesus.

Yes, you're a good, good Father
It's who you are.
And I'm loved by You.
It's who I am.

You are perfect in all of Your ways...

September 22, 2015

First Night with Cousins

Our first night with cousins at our new house was last Friday. Jenn dropped the kids off late afternoon, and we prepped everyone for an evening at the pool. No snack? Late dinner? Who cares. We had a blast.

We skipped showers and made homemade pizzas + garlic cheese bread for a late dinner. Watching the movie Home before everyone konked out in their sleeping bags.

The next morning, we had scrambled eggs + bacon, lemon bread + strawberries for breakfast. Took turns for a little Minecraft, while having a Taylor Swift dance party in the living room. :)

Then, we headed to the playground to play - and Brooklyn lost another tooth!

Here's to a fun dino nugget kind of lunch with popsicles. And another fun afternoon at the pool before heading home. (It was too hot for the pumpkin farm like we originally planned.)

Such a fun weekend with cousins!

September 14, 2015

Enjoying Our Backyard // Fall Is Here!

Yesterday was the perfect fall day. We went to church. We went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We had quiet time when we came home. (Us girls snuggled up watching a Barbie movie in bed = perfection.)

We came out of our sleepy haze around 5pm and just enjoyed the evening outside. The kids took turns playing football, jump rope and soccer complete with music and snack food on the back deck. (Everything was great, except that we saw our neighbors had cut down all their trees by the fence that we had for privacy. Boo.)

But, that didn't stop us! The crisp air and one beauty of a sunset...

So thankful. Fall is here. And it's gonna be a good one.
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