Nov 16, 2014

Holy Spirit

Another favorite we sing at church:

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere...

We are OVERCOME by Your Presence, Lord.

Nov 15, 2014


Some randomness from the last couple of months:

Drinking milk just got a little more interesting...

Halloween cuties.

Snuggle buddies.

This kid loves to paint.

And, apparently, eat paint too. :)

Naptime/quiet time for these two.

Special moments before bed.

Upper respiratory infection and nonstop coughing fits means breathing treatments for this kid.

Middle school Homecoming! (Boys are not cute, by the way, they are just awesome.)

Crazy cat lady.

We {heart} Bama. (And the Buckeyes too, of course.)

Nov 13, 2014

Set a Fire

I want more of You, God.
I want more of You, God.

Nov 5, 2014

Scabies Update

So, this was Jacob as of yesterday morning:

We did a second round of Permethrin (scabies cream) on all of us Sunday night. We were still itching in places, but it definitely helped get rid of anything that was left. Except for Jacob. He was in so much pain on Monday night that I had to call the on-call doctor to see what we should do. She said to apply eczema cream all over, but he just cried in pain from the awful burn.
The next day I took him to our pediatrician, and before we even walked in, I had to calm myself down. I was close to tears from dealing with these awful bugs for 2 weeks and all the work and exhaustion that goes with it, and I was dreading hearing the words - "You just need to keep waiting it out..." Thank goodness that wasn't the case. Our doctor took one look at Jacob and said he needed a steroid immediately, that this terrible rash should have gone away by now. I was so relieved just to be heard and to know my mother's instinct was right.
So, Jake's taking another two-week round of higher-dose prednisone and we're hoping and praying this does the trick! I know he's tired of itching and being miserable the last two months. It's been one long road for him.
Since we should be completely bug-free by now, I guess it's time we start unloading all those piles of bags in the garage...but, that's another story for another day. :)

Nov 4, 2014

Fairytale Festival + Puppet Show

Last week we went to Brooklyn's class Fairytale Festival and Puppet Show at school. It was neat to see Brooklyn in her element, having fun with all her friends - especially her best friend Catherine. They hug each other and tell each other "I love you" - it's really cute to watch.

Her teacher, Mrs. R, was Jacob's first grade teacher years ago and my all-time favorite teacher, so it's always fun to come visit.

The Fairytale Festival was at 9:00. Each student had to write their own fairytale and read it aloud to the class. Two girls broke down because they were so shy, but I was amazed at how brave our Brooklyn was - she did great!

Aren't her fairytale illustrations adorable?

So proud of this girl.

Her and her best friend Catherine:

Class pic:

I left and came back for the class puppet show at 11:30. Connor was restless, but he did make it through...thank goodness for little breaks out in the hall where this boy could run free.

Their puppet show was The Three Billy Goats, and it was so cute!

The sweet puppets they made:

And we celebrated Mrs. R's birthday with a flamingo cake - her favorite!

Turned out to be a pretty good day.

Nov 3, 2014

Halloween // The Details

When Halloween rolled around this year, we were knee-deep in laundry, trash bags and nonstop cleaning from our recent scabies outbreak. I literally cringed when it was time for trick-or-treat night because that meant getting costumes out of trash bags piled up in the garage, finding all the pieces and parts we needed - and hoping and praying they were bug-free long enough to wear! Thankfully, the kids went for simple and easy looks this year, so that was a huge plus.

All in all, they were adorable and even with it being the coldest Halloween night Nashville's ever seen - the kids said it was the best Halloween ever. Their happy little faces stuffed with candy said it all...

Pics were up first!

Jake and his friend Michael strolled the neighborhood by themselves again this year. They were stoked, can you tell?

Our chilly pair:

The neighbors outdid themselves this year with all the scary stuff - these younger two weren't even fazed by it.

Surveying the loot at the end is always a must - along with some candy "testing" and trading too.

A great end to a great Halloween night. Happy Halloween!
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